My morning walk was accompanied by the sound of bird song, the consistent 2/4 time of my footfall, the daily devotion courtesy of pray-as-you-go, and traffic in the distance. These combined sounds, along with others less discernible, were the soundtrack to my morning musings.

Then, I began to notice another sound, it was a congregational chorus coming from every corner of the complex; the sound of sweeping, in agreement and accord.

The rhythmic motion creating a symphony of sound, without planning or intention. Each individual instrumentalist -a cleaner here, groundsmen over there, the neighbour out front, and so on- singularly playing their part. Ensuring their section was handled with care.

As I continued my walk, more finely attuned to the song of the morning, I mused on what it would be like if we each truly handled our respective sections with care. As I walked past each individual instrumentalist, I found myself concretely connecting their sweeping up of the fallen leaves, with the things in our world that need clearing and cleaning up.

If we were each playing our part in the world’s symphony, would not our world be a better place? Or am I being to simplistic, too literal, too hopeful? I truly hope not.

As I believe that with each of us doing our part, living our lives as we ought, our neighbourhoods, towns/cities, country, world, can indeed be different.