On the 1st of September, 2023, aided by my Uncle Tex, who in his words,

was looking charged, real charged!

A copy of my debut poetry book ‘In Conversation‘ was presented to the National Library of Jamaica.

This was most definitely one of the major highlights of September 2023.

As a proud daughter of Jamaican parents, Trevor and Carmen Whyne, it is an honour and humbling to have my words contribute to the national collection of the Land of my Roots.

After God, my biggest thanks goes to my Uncle Tex for delivering the book personally on my behalf. You were most certainly the next best thing to me being able to deliver it in person myself. “Thank you.”

Thanks also goes to Miss Keisha Myers (Manager, Collections Development) for helping to facilitate this.

Personal Milestone

When I told my Mum I was planning to publish a poetry book, she simply said, about time.

In Conversation is a personal milestone in my journey of rediscovering my creative self. A journey which began in ernest back in 2016.

The poems in In Conversation began their lives with a word(s) exchanged in conversation or an occurrence that captured–sometimes demanded–my   attention. 

I see poetry as a means of self and collective expression. A conduit and a safe space for our emotions, feelings and lived experiences.

Thank you to all those of you who have already purchased a copy of ‘In Conversation’. Your support is truly appreciated. —If you did this via Amazon, may I ask you to leave a review please and tanks?

And thank you, in advance, for anyone else who would like to own a copy (smile).

Shout out to Morlene Fisher  for the cover photography.