So when looking for a picture to post with this on Instagram, a search for ‘change’ on my phone, revealed I have a book on Change.

Taking this as a prompt to read it, and also to consider whether this particular freewrite is more than just a tool to practice my writing. As there is definitely much within my circle of influence that could change.

My current occupation is built on the premise of seeking and journeying with people towards change. Elements of my life and me could do with a change. So whichever way I look at it, tis a timely, and possibly timeless theme.

What is change?

I wonder, when you think about the word ‘change’ what comes to mind?

If you are unsure, maybe you should give the freewrite ago. Take pen, paper, and 3 minutes to just write what comes to mind. No filtering or crossing out, just write. You maybe surprised by what you come up with.

Okay, now for my day 3 freewrite offering…


A change is gonna happen right? Surely something has begun. Surely things can’t remain the same as they always were? And yet, unfortunately I think they can.

Who is responsible for the change? Me, you, leaders in government, our national leaders? All the above?

Is change a tangible entity, or just a feeling or concept? Are there markers for change, indicators of progress? Of course, in certain scenarios.

What are the universal elements or fac*(tors which bring about change?)

*the exact point at which my 3-minute time went off!