So, I impulse decided to sign up to a Rewrite London online creative writing course.

I say impulse, but although the choice to sign up was instantaneous, in reality it was the culmination of: thoughts that had been ruminating, a case of ‘perfect timing’, and a trusted source that put Rewrite on my radar. I was ready for something like this, so in that moment what more was there to think about?

For the next 2 weeks, I’ll receive daily emails which will include a freewrite prompt (time allotted 2-3mins) and a writing exercise (suggested time: 20 mins – 1 hour).

Truthfully, as I sat in day 3 of some meetings yesterday, the sight of an email reminder that the course would start today did not make me smile. Then when I got home this afternoon -fairly wiped out after a full-ish day- I groaned out loud in remembrance that I had ‘Day 1’ to do.

However, I realised that I could do the freewrite while waiting for my V60 coffee to brew. So I set a 3 minute timer and here’s what ‘fell onto’ the page…

Day 1 – ‘Memory’

What’s in a memory?

The sweetest of secrets. Precious remembrances. Pain one would rather forget. Long past due and unfinished works.

The vault of our minds and heart in one. Triggered from time to time by what we hear, see, touch, smell.

The intricacies of those interwoven stories, life lessons, and pitfalls to avoid, crisscrossed like the literal pattern of our brain.

Intersecting at points in time. Anchored in specific moments. Spontaneous happens. Recurring…

I’m not sure I’ll post all of them, but thought it was fitting to at least post this one. A way of inviting you to join me on the journey. Either as readers, someone who decides to have a go at it themselves, or someone who may be prompted to make an ‘impulse‘ decision of their on.

As ever, feel free to comment and share.