‘Humanity: It is Not Too Late’ | Nov. 2023 (poem = 3 min watch)

Although the video quality isn’t optimal, I trust the message is clear.

This piece was written in the Midnight hours of October 31st/the beginning hours of November 1st.

When it was written (and shared for the 1st time on Nov. 1st), the death toll mentioned in the 2nd stanza was ‘8,000 and rising’.

When I shared it for the 2nd time @poets_palace on Nov. 15th, it was ‘11,000 and rising’.

If I was to share it today (Nov. 27th), it would be ‘14,000 and rising’.*

While I acknowledge the current ‘pause’ (due to end today)** and am thankful for the release of all those who were held captive (on both sides), a ‘pause’ is not enough to see an end to this increasing number.

There have also been reports of ongoing shootings and other assaults by Israeli forces during this time.

A #ceasefire remains a priority.

*In all likelihood, the numbers are higher. As there will be unaccounted for people under the rubble and ruins. The Gaza Health ministry is reported as saying they have lost the ability to count the dead.-Due to the intensity of the Israel offensive.

**A 2-day extension (at the time of posting) has been agreed:

  • Links to some of the reports referenced