I’ve not long got home from a dinner organised by some friends. They wanted to create the opportunity for people who hadn’t been able to connect with me yet, to come together, enjoy each other’s company, catch-up on what’s been happening and so on.

I didn’t know who was on the guest list, although when the idea of the dinner cane up a couple weeks back, I offered a couple names as potentials.

I was delighted to found out that a friend who has moved out of London, was taking the train in to attend. On arriving at the hosts’ home, I found out my god-daughter’s Mum -and the maker of a masterchef worthy cheese on toast- was also going to be there.

As the friend from out of town gave thanks before we ate, she expressed thankfulness for our different connections over the years, the things that connected us, and what had brought us together now.

There were sounds of agreement from around the table. One such sound arose from my mouth, and within my heart a deep resonance was felt.

The truth of those words connected with my spirit, and triggered remembrance. Not so much in my conscious mind, but in my inner being.

Food and conversation flowed, and some of those things, and people, that connected us came out anecdotally. With the occasional reveal of previously unknown knowledge.

For me, it was another reminder of the importance of human connection, and the relationships we have. The sharing of ourselves in people’s lives, and them sharing in ours.

I’m not sure if it is age, experience, or current circumstances, but the longer I walk this earth, the more convinced I am that investing in people, is one of the (if not the) most important things we should do. Valuing and nurturing our relationships, and building meaningful connections, as an end in itself. Ensuring to ‘make memories’ and ‘mark the moments’ along the way.