Taken @Kantin Taman Burung (TMI)

In recent times, I often find myself encouraging others, and reminding myself, to ‘be present in the moment‘.

To be focussed on what I am doing, who I am with, the conversation I am currently engaged in etc. Giving the bulk of my attention to that moment or period of time, as opposed to thinking about the next thing coming up, or the other things I’ve got going on.

I stand by this being a good principle. As we can sometimes be so busy thinking about the future, that we totally miss the present. Denying ourselves the full measure of what we could be experiencing, learning, contributing… in the ‘here and now’.

However, there are times when it is both beneficial, and necessary, to step out of the present, and take a look at things from a different viewpoint.

a rudimentary definition of a ‘bird’s-eye view is,

a general view from above, or as if from above. – Oxford Dictionary

The concept is based on the literal elevated view a bird has when in flight. Similar, in some way, to the view one has when in a plane, or even a cable car.

You can see, and hopefully comprehend more of what you are looking at, or dealing with, when viewing it from a greater distance.

The literal span of what the eye can see from on high, is so much wider, and up until a point, so much more detailed, then when our feet are planted on the ground.

Another definition of a bird’s-eye view, proposes it means an “overall or cursory look at something” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Which may appear contradictory, but may be more a case of two sides of the same coin.

Stepping out of the present, in order to gain a different perspective, doesn’t have to mean removing yourself for a long period of time. Neither does it mean having to do the metaphorical equivalent of taking flight like a bird.

In essence, it just means take a step back (or sideways), and position yourself to see things from a different angle. Doing this periodically, may well be the other side of being present in the moment. A complementary good principle to also stand by.

* Random additional info: How long can birds fly for?