This morning I got to gasp out loud in wonder at the beauty of a new day.

My ears awoke to the sounds of the birds tweeting, cockerels crowing, and some faint voices going about their morning routines.

In my still not quite fully awake state, I pulled the curtains back slightly, and on seeing that it was still dark outside, wondered if I was awake in time to see the sunrise.

I scrabbled around for my phone to check the time, think I resisted checking any whatsapps and the such like but cannot be sure, saw that sunrise tomorrow is due at 5.59am, meaning I should have time to catch it today. Confirmed the whole East/West thing (not that I really know my East from my West without a gadget), rolled back over in bed and considered just staying there, but eventually got up and headed outside.

As I sat on my friend’s balcony, looking out at the hazy skyline, I could see the ends of pink tinged streaks to the right. I deduce that meant the sun would probably rise out of sight of me, but that I would still sit, pause, and enjoy the moment.

As I stretched out and just took in the view, these words from a song came to mind, “May we never lose our wonder…”

And as I sat there, mindful of the wonder of creation, musing on a few things, uttering thanks for a few things, asking for help for a few things… I momentarily looked away, and on looking back up gasped out loud.

As there in its orange-yellow brilliance was the sun peeking out from behind one of those previously pink tinged streaks.

I was truly caught in wonder and joyful delight. Like that of a child on discovering something new, or on getting something you wanted but thought you couldn’t have.

I continued to just sit there and watch its rise. Resisting the split second urge to get my phone from the sofa to capture the moment. I wanted to just be in, and live the moment. That was the thing to be captured by.

In a world where so many things are happening so fast. From the very mundane to the very concerning. It can be so easy to lose our ‘wonder’. To keep waking up each morning and miss the ‘moments’ that might be right in front of us. To not stop, and take even 5 mins to appreciate (possibly amidst much that is difficult) what there is to be thankful for.

It’s possible, that if we could do this more often, we could enter the day ahead in a better place. Better able to navigate what it might bring. Better able to show a little grace to that person or persons who are colouring your day in the worst way. Better able to just be.

I am grateful that this morning I took that time. And very grateful for my ‘gasp out loud moment’. It has started my day in a beautiful way. It has also motivated me to finally write a new post!

I hope that you get to enjoy, or get back some of your ‘wonder’ today.