I wrote the following approximately 4 years ago. It was a response to a friend’s loss. One that didn’t actually get shared with them until quite a while later.

Recently, I have felt prompted to share it with a few others, as they have experienced, and are still going through, the loss of a loved one. And for whatever reason, it has crossed my mind to post it here. Maybe it will connect with someone else…


Can anything feel right, now that this day has come?

It is right to feel sorrow, for a day such as this has come.

It is right to feel pain, for the one who you love has gone.

It is right to shed tears. As they fall may they be a balm to your aching heart.

It is right to have questions like, “Why?”

Knowing no answer can really satisfy.

It is right to feel sad, it is right to feel angry,

It is right, it is right, it is right…

It is right to remember the times that were before sorrow, pain and tears.

For in those times live memories of happiness, laughter, love…

And those are the memories that will help you to go on.

It is right to remember that you do not walk this journey of grief alone.

This is not a journey to walk alone.

Let others be your traveling companions as you journey through.

For in sharing the burdens, you lighten the load.

It is right to remember, the healing will take time.

How much time? No-one can really knows.

It is right that you take the time you need.

And in such time as is right, may it be right with you again.

©J Whyne – Unique Expression

It is actually an untitled piece, but I used words found in the Bible (Romans 12:15) for the purposes of this post. They seemed like a fitting temporary title.

Interestingly, the block of verses that it is apart of (vv9-21), was given the subtitle, Marks of a True Christian. This made me curious to see what other renderings it might have been given. The bahasa Indonesia one stood out, Nasihat hidup dalam Kasih. Advice to live in love.

May we all be intentional about living in love.