So, context first. I’m generally a ‘go with the flow’/’content where I am’ person. So, if in Indonesia, I’m in Indonesia. Aiming to embrace and enjoy life here. If I’m in the UK, I’m in the UK, aiming to embrace and enjoy life there. This tends to mean that I don’t have a long list of things I miss, and in general am not what people call homesick.

I do though have moments, usually if a significant event or thing -good or not so good- has happened. Especially if it involves my family. Also, if I’m going to be headed UK sides in the near future. Additionally, on occasion, if I’m watching something set in or with images of London. A friend actually asked me about that last one the other day. As I’d gone with her to watch Fantastic Beasts.

Funnily enough, a few days back I had a random desire to be at the Southbank. I couldn’t place what triggered it, and it was fleeting. Then yesterday, my friend’s instagram post had me saying, “Awww, the Southbank!”

So, here’s the list (not in order of importance), followed by the image:

  1. Proper fish ‘n’ chips
  2. Walking along the Southbank
  3. Watching The Chase and/or Tipping Point with my Mum
  4. Knowing how thing’s work/how to get things done. – Not that I have complete London knowledge, but when in doubt, it’s generally easier to figure it out
  5. Easy access to green space
  6. Wearing a comfy hoody, and long boots
  7. Bun & cheese
  8. Snuggling under the covers
  9. Time with my family
  10. Anonymity. – Even Though it’s been 6 yrs., a) as a foreigner b) a Black foreigner, I can still attract more attention than I’d like. Especially when in a new place.

Think that’s about it. Though as no.s 6 & 8 came to mind while typing, it is possible there is more.

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