As I wrote my name on this crisp packet, as I’d done with some other items (as instructed) before placing them in the communal fridge; it dawned on me that this could be taken as a message to self:

Janice, inspire.

The place where I’m currently staying, uses words as opposed to numbers for the room designations. I, as you’ve guessed, am the occupant of ‘inspire‘. The rooms either side of mine are, ‘connect‘ and ‘transform.’

Those of you who know me well, will most likely have heard me use the phrase, “currently occupying the space of.” A phrase I heard someone use to introduce themselves over 15 years ago.

As I thought about those words, I wondered, am I truly occupying the space of someone who inspires? I mean fully. Also, in what ways do I inspire, or should I inspire?

Additionally, who specifically should I be seeking to inspire, or to inspire more? Is there a particular group of people, section of society, arena or sphere of influence that I should be looking to occupy more? Give more time and attention to, be more fully present in.

All this from scribbling my name on a packet of crisp! Most delicious crisps I might add.

But on a real, although I am by no means seeing this as a message from above or anything, I could consider applying it as a directive. As, as written, it definitely could be taken as one.

I wonder what message to self you might want to consider applying as a directive. I reckon you could probably come up with one, or more, without a packet of crisp : )

If you do come up with one, I’d love to hear what it is. Maybe we could encourage one another in our follow-through and pursuit of them.