• Be present
  • Be alert
  • Be confident
  • Be expectant

+ Show up.

These are some basic ingredients needed for change.

Each one could be the subject of an individual post. Today I’m just offering them to you for your consideration.

With any significant change, personal or work related, I propose that the 4 Bs + 1 will be needed.

You’ll need to:

Be present in the moment and the process. Fully engaged. Fully committed.

Be alert to what opportunities or challenges are arising, and reassess, refine and adjust accordingly.

Be confident in what you are embarking on, engaged in, or offering. Trust the process. Have faith in your ‘product’.

Be expectant that something will change. It might not be easily identifiable, it might not necessarily change in the way you would like. In which case, refer back to ‘be alert’.

+ Show up. When working towards or for change, this is a key ingredient that cannot be left out. It will not always be easy to do so. You will not always feel like doing so, and that’s okay. However, you will need to find a way to do so.

Some thoughts on showing up by fellow blogger Driverless Crocodile. Who works in a similar arena to myself.


And my last thought on this for today, remember to pace yourself. This is not an additional ingredient, rather a natural essence found in each of the 4 Bs + 1.

Change, significant, sustainable, lasting change, takes time. So you need to set a pace that’s right for you, and the change outcome(s) that you wish to achieve.