img_1644Intentions require intentionally. Intentionally requires accountability (to self and/or others). Accountability requires SMART* planning and proactive participation (yours and others). #jjsmuse

Are you getting the feeling that I am leading up to something?

Below is a list that I wrote over 3 weeks ago. I’ve added to it. Been able to cross some things off it. Now I want to use the remaining things as my writing points for the next few posts.

You see the intention had been, that writing this list would a) be a way of capturing (and not losing) the ideas that had popped into my mind; b) I’d have a ready made ‘go to’ when it was time to post; and c) be things that I could write about quickly, and hence guarantee me keeping up the regular rhythm of posting daily.

However, despite some good intentionality…

  • I didn’t have a specific plan for when I was going to do them
  • On reflection, many of them-at least for me-are not a “write it to post it in 15 minutes or less.”
  • Thirdly, hmmm, is there a 3rd?… Thirdly, my natural inclination seems to be to write within the moment. So based on something that has happened or been experienced within the day or recent time frame. While I’m still musing on it, feeling whatever feelings or inspiration were engendered and so on.

However, one cannot live long and prosper (smile if you know), based on feelings. Also, as I once read in a writers’ course manual, the answer to “how do you become a writer?” is,

Affix bum to sit, and write.

So… in the spirit of upping the intentionally of my intentions. I’d like ask you to:

  • Have a look at the list below
  • Pick one that interests/stands out to you, and give me a time frame for when you’d like it posted.
  • Additionally, I’d like you to hold me accountable to it.

If none of them speak to you, you can also offer a suggestion for one to be added to the list. However, please keep in mind that I am trying to follow-through on the existing list. If you already know me personally, feel free to send me your pick via whatsapp, email or the JJ’s Muse facebook page. If we’ve yet to be introduced, feel free to post your pick in the comment’s box.

Thanks in advance for participating in this! Looking forward to seeing your suggestions, and what posts will come out of them.

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  • It’s All About Perspective

*Specific; Measurable; Achievable/Actionable; Realistic/Relevant; Time Limited/Bound