Post 100 since embarking on just write something (JWS) is now live!

When trying to think of content for this post, I was tempted to just leave it at the above. As it fits the spirit of the original quest:

100 blog posts in 100 days. The basic concept being to commit to writing a post everyday. Didn’t have to be perfect, could just be a few lines, main thing, post.

Inspired by a conversation with a friend, but minus the ‘everyday’. – Although it was daily for a good long while.

My friend actually linked his quest to the concept of ‘setting the bar low’, but it started out as practice for developing his skills as a writer (see 100 posts for…)

I was “provoked into action”, and here we now are at post 100. The funny, satisfying, and somewhat enlightning thing is, turns out I never specifically set out to do 100!

So provoked into action by my friend’s blogging action, here’s the 1st in what could be a few Just Write Something posts. Though I am not declaring that I will be aiming at one a day, nor 100. – just write something (Sept 2018)

Can you believe it!?

I was clear that I hadn’t committeed to posting daily, but I was convinced I’d set myself a bar of 100 posts. I even wrote a post called minus 100!

My low bar was: a few Just Write Something posts.”  I’d say I achieved it. And not gonna lie, I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself right now; having discoverd I actually surpassed it.

It comes to mind, that maybe I had an internal unspoken bar that I was hoping for, and as I kept trying to post the “few” I achieved the many. It also comes to mind, that small, consistent, #show up, steps/efforts, really can make a difference over time.

Thanks to those who have followed the journey! Hmmm, what low bar will I set next?