Earlier this week I met up with a teammate for our regular catch-up about life, work, and other stuff. There is always coffee, and there is always cool stuff to talk about.

One of the things that came up in our conversation was how he has been working towards writing 100 blog posts in 100 days. The basic concept being to commit to writing a post everyday. Here’s an excerpt from his post on the subject:

A blog entirely made up of perfect posts? Impossible.

A single, excellent blog post? Time consuming and very rare.

100 posts of variable quality? That’s easy enough. It’s enough volume to cover over the posts you feel shy about, and enough opportunities that a few will clear that nice low bar with ease. – Driverless Crocodile

Length and topic negotiable. To post or not to post, not negotiable. = My spin on it.

It got me bemoaning the fact that it had been ages since I’d posted anything. It also reminded me of how at some point last year I had started a note in my phone entitled, Just Write Something.

So provoked into action by my friend’s blogging action, here’s the 1st in what could be a few Just Write Something posts. Though I am not declaring that I will be aiming at one a day, nor 100.

Funny thing is, I have just deleted what was the beginnings of another paragraph. Why? As I realised that by sharing all the above, I have already achieved my Just Write Something for today.

Is there a Just_____Something that you could action today?

ps. If curiosity over the deleted paragraph is proving too much for you, here you go:

I am also giving myself a bit of a head start by using something that I found in my notes.