Just Write Something 2

Knowing what you are not, can sometimes be more easily discernible than knowing what you are.

Knowing who you are not, can be almost as important as knowing who you are. Or at the very least, can help you on your journey to being clear about who you are.

And this is not in relation to, nor in support of, having a low opinion of oneself, or focusing on where one feels you are lacking.

It is in relation to an awareness of your ‘square peg in a round hole’ moments.

– photo credit: Plus Maths

The times, when possibly due to expectations (self or others), you have chosen that course, accepted that role, gone for that job, said “Yes” to that question etc. Sometimes blatantly knowing that it wasn’t quite the right fit.

On the journey of discovering your identity, being clear about these things can be significant pieces of the puzzle.

Taking note of them, can be likened to finding the corner/edge pieces of said puzzle. An often helpful first step, before attempting to complete the rest.

– photo credit: Vision Magazine ~The Diaspora Identity Puzzle