A while back, I had the pleasure of listening to the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Band. They were performing on the outdoor stage at the Singapore Botanical Guardians. It was a warm Saturday evening. People from everywhere covered the grass with their blankets and snacks/full on picnic hampers, and the concert was free! Happy times : )

As I watched and listened to the bland play, this thought came to mind,

‘Every one has their moment.’

Prompted by two things:

  1. The saxophone player who had a short solo piece, right at the end of a much longer one.
  2. The man who played the triangle. As I sat there enjoying the live music, there was a chorus of thought playing in my mind,
  • “Do people who play the triangle in an orchestra only play that? Didn’t notice the triangle till I did. Last piece of the set. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. And it seems like maybe the triangle guy really only plays the triangle. Ah, no he doesn’t. He just ran to play another instrument. I think chimes. Oh, and seems he plays xylophone or suttin like it too. Every one has their moment 😀” -from my notes

Everyone has their moment… It might not always be on a stage for all to see. It might not always receive accolades or overtures of praise. It will though be a moment, clearly identifiable as yours.

I believe we have all been uniquely created, and so have the potential to ‘come into our own’. To have our moment.

I am aware though, that life doesn’t always go smoothly for some of us. That sometimes life’s challenges can extinguish that potential.

However, as in the case of our sax player and our guy who plays the triangle, I’m still hopeful that the time for our moment -moments even- will come. When what we do matters, stands out, counts. To us, and to others.

Here’s a clip of the band doing a performance in the air.