In 2019 I wrote a blog post, The Power of Vulnerability. Here’s an excerpt:

Vulnerability is a part of life. Our authenticity and transparency with regards to it makes clear that we are all works-in-progress; we all have a story with some less than perfect chapters; and we are all engaged in this corporate journey that is this thing called life.

As opposed to it being a negative, or something that disqualifies us, I’d suggest that a healthy awareness of, and willingness to share our vulnerability actually qualifies and gives us credibility. As leaders, teachers, parents, colleagues, friends… Basically, as people.

So let’s not be afraid to use it’s power.

The Power of Vulnerability

This picture, plus a couple others (some accidentally!) was taken shortly after washing my hair. My locks were wrapped up, and I was standing for a moment in the sun that was streaming through my window.

I had no greatly defined reason for taking any pictures, but take them I did, I prob thought I looked cute with my wrap on.

This particular one struck me, and the word vulnerability immediately came to mind. My face looked so there and exposed. Although I posed for it, I don’t think I envisaged the expression looking back at me, was what was being captured.

Though maybe vulnerability is only what I see. You may see something entirely different. As this is just me sharing a moment of self-expression and reflection, that’s just fine. If you do see something different and want to share, feel free.