img_1048Recently I had problem with my reminders app, so had to clear all the info in it.

This included a number of ‘To Do” things. As well as some regular repeat reminders.

I took screenshots of the existing ‘To Do’ list etc., so as to be able to input the information again.

However, when the problem with the app was sorted, I decided against putting the old information back. I also deleted the screenshots.


Some of those reminders had been outstanding for a while. One of them for a couple of years!

The reality of my actually completing a couple of them was really slim to non-existent. The moment had already been missed; the person had moved and no longer had their contact etc.

I had kept the reminders as I was determined to follow-through on them some day. This is something I think is important, and an area that has sometimes been a weak point for me.

However, rather than an regular reminder, they had just become more of an indictment. A reminder of “dropping-off” and failing to follow-through. Again.

So I decided to draw a line under it. One in particular. I recognised that I could have done better. Accepted that the moment had past and it was no longer in my control. I was gracious to myself, and ‘let myself off the hook’.

For some of the other things, I actioned what I could, and added the regular reminders to my calendar.

We all have stuff that we wished we could have done, know we should have done, said we would do and didn’t etc.

We feel bad about it, and maybe rightly so. If we can change it it, do it. And do it now.

If the moment has passed, and is no longer doable, draw a line under it.


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