This is a catchphrase of a friend of mine. I’m not sure if I think it can be applied to every situation or task that needs doing. I do think it can be applied to quite a few.

Take this blog post. A few hours before writing it, I felt at a total blank. My exact words to myself being, “I do not have my head on straight.

Granted, I had arrived from the airport a couple hours earlier. Opening the door to the smell of gas, and signs of a leak (rain). Which almost sapped all the ‘top-up’ from my 6 days away out of me, in the space of less than 10 minutes.

Point being, I had reason to feel a bit spent. Not to mention that while attending to the house drama, the mop handle broke while I was mopping up the leak. My internal Jamaican voice said, “what again!?

But at each step/irritation, I tried to encourage myself to just get it done now. Rather then comeback to it later/wake up to it tomorrow morning. Without consciously being aware of it, I was enacting, “once it’s done, it’s done.”

Then just now, a friend and I were chatting via whatsapp. She’d sent a #anyminutenow in relation to her working up the courage to do washing up and other jobs before heading to bed. My response, was “once it’s done…” Which was shortly followed by the thought that that would be my next blog post.

Funnily enough, while I was writing the post, this exchange happened:

We had both got going with the things that were previously #anyminutenow/got nuttin’-not got it in me right now.

Connected to this, a random musing came to mind, “don’t make things out to be bigger than they are.” Talking about myself, not my friend.

During the house drama of earlier, I did say this to myself. Btw, gas issue sorted, and roof getting looked at (hopefully) on Sunday. I know… hope with me that there is no heavy rain between now and then!

Another thing that came to mind was the 5 Second Rule (Mel Robbins) as mentioned in a recent post. Basic premise, if you don’t act on your instinct within 5 seconds, your brain will “kill it.” Or as I read someone else put it, find a rational for why not now.

So there you go, a ‘real time’ example of, “once it’s done, it’s done.” The proof being in that you’re reading this now*. Thanks btw.

Like I said, not saying it is applicable to every situation or task. It is though maybe worth trying for some of them.

*Full transparency, lost the battle to sleep while typing it. So it didn’t get fully ‘done’ till after 3 in the am.

~ Optional extras:

Do it Now