This caught my eye when I was out and about a couple days ago. It was on the window of a co-working space called ‘Spaces’.

I took a photo because it felt like a simple yet significant truth to capture. Also, a blog post literally handed to me, and waiting to happen.

I mean really, whether in personal or business relationships, short or long term commitments, everyday transactions over the counter; they all (in general) start with “hello” or an appropriate equivalent/pleasantry.

It is the simple opener that invites interaction, which dependent on the circumstance, may later lead to deeper or more intricate connection.

It really doesn’t cost much, though I accept that not everyone has the confidence to just strike up a conversation. Although I think that is the point. For many of us, to

turn around and say hello,

is more than doable, doesn’t need a lot of thought put into it, can be done in one breath.

No massive commitment or profound truth needed either. It is just a starting point. Which yes, may not be reciprocated, or lead to anything… But then again, it just might.