“…they pull me back in!

Any The Godfather fans out there?

This is the line that came to mind a few hours ago. Why? Read on.

The above picture reflects my Thursday & Friday last week. Well, my last couple weeks at different points.

I finished 1 of 2 assignments on Thursday (those mentioned in Just Ask), and also sat for an exam.- Giving thanks, as a surprisingly good result. The remaining assignment got submitted on the Friday. I could now breathe-or so I thought-for a moment. Even though I had seen that an email had come in about the two December modules (2 modules. 1 a week).

So imagine my dismay when I checked those emails on Sunday; only to find I have readings and an online test due for this Friday (16th). With additional readings and pre-course assessments and assignments for both modules. Hence, since finishing a meeting at 4pm, this has been me…

It is now 8.44pm. I think/hope I’ve managed to get my head around all that I need to get done. I’ve tried to break it down in a way that makes sense to me. I have vocalised, literally out loud, the following,

I do not want to do this course.

I don’t even know right now why I am doing this course.


Suck it up and get on with it!

Which prior to the start of the previous modules, I told some friends would have to become a new personal hashtag.

And now… I’m taking a moment to sip on my piccolo, while writing this. #justwritesomething

Why? Because I want to try and keep this going. It’s also giving my overloaded brain a break. There’s also something cathartic about it.

Until tomorrow!

Btw, did you notice the cactus? Gift from a mate.