This is a post from my posts I intend to write list. It was picked by my friend Heels.

I have chosen to pair pictures of people and street scenes from parts of my daily life, with an unfinished piece currently called, The In-Between-ers.

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The In-betweeners

Have you ever wonder about the people you see around you everyday?

The people you work with, see at the shopping counter, pass on the street, exchange a courtesy nod with.

Do they live in the same world as you: experiencing the same thoughts and feelings, challenged by the same struggles? Or are they in a different world, experiencing different things?

Do they know something you don’t know? I mean who are they really?

Can anyone really know what is in the heart and mind of a person?

Do we have, or take the time to look beyond the surface?

What lenses do we have on, in order for us to see clearly, or to continue to live blindly?

Blinkered, and obscuring some of the uncomfortable realities and ugly truths. Those things that lie close to the surface. Content to live on in our own little world. You in your small corner, and I in mine…