As I was getting ready to tuck into a most delicious-though not completely nutritious-meal, I noticed the tagline/slogan,

It’s Worth The Wait

In my tired, fed-up of required reading state, I got a little interjection of reading joy. As well as a launch point for a post.

It made me wonder:

  • What do I think is worth waiting for?
  • Is there anything I’m currently waiting for?
  • What do we as people think is worth waiting for? And I could go go on.

Some time back I actually wrote a post called waiting. The main premise, that sometimes we want everything instantly. Forgetting, that there is generally preparation, process, and so on required; in order to obtain or attain the things we want.

Today’s waiting ‘takeaway’ is different. It is potentially a prompt to think about, what you might be eagerly anticipating; what is causing the excitement to build; what is inspiring future hope or igniting passion…

What is worth the wait?

I’ll be honest. I myself don’t have an immediate answer. I’m not sure if I should see this as a sign to take stock. Or, just a sign that after a long-unwieldy at times-day, those 7 required chapters have used up my brain’s processing power. It’s also almost midnight.

Even so, tired brain or not, I do want to have an answer. So will, when I’m less tired, think about it a bit more. As whether or not one would articulate it via the title question, I think most of us would agree that life needs meaning and purpose. They are often what fuel our efforts and activity. Therefore if the thing we are waiting for/working towards isn’t worth it, chances are we will neither give our best to, or receive the best from it.

So that’s my Friday French Fries musing 😉

*Btw, those who picked the ‘Cut the Tail’ post, it is in draft mode, and almost ready to go. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. – Soz! Couldn’t resist!