A line from an episode of Madam Secretary. (Season 5, Episode 2)

I tried to see if this was a quote from somewhere else, but it seems it may be the inspired work of a script writer.

In an age when someone or something is constantly vying for our support or attention, how does this play out in real life?

If you work in the public or voluntary sector, how can you possibly make plans without multiple funding proposals. Potentially contorting yourself or your organisation’s vision so as to fit the tick boxes of the funding body.

If you are up for election, how can you run without a strong supporter base. And so on.

Inspire it.”

Thinking about the directive to “inspire it” brings to mind the old adage,

Actions speaks louder than words.

It has potentially become a cliche that too easily rolls off our tongues. Something we are quick to speak, but slow to act on. However, our possible misuse of it, should not take away from it’s intended meaning. Maybe it is an adage we should reclaim, either personally or as a society. A means of measuring what we’re really about.

“Inspire it”

By the stories we share. Which considering the adage above may sound contradictory, but trust me, it’s not.

The power of story. The simple telling or re-telling of what has happened in someone’s life can do more than a super presentation, attractive numbers, and a 5-year plan. Not because these things aren’t good tools, and sometimes just what is required. But because the stories of real people, with real lives, that have been positively changed is what inspires.

Hearing those stories, seeing the change, is what connects with our emotions, engages our hearts (and not just our heads), and elicits response.

A friend of mine once said, people will forget what you say, but will not forget how you made them feel”. They were possibly quoting the late great Maya Angelou, who may have been quoting someone else. Either way it is a “deposit of wisdom” that I think resonates with the spirit of this post, and the quote that inspired it.

Don’t ask for support. Inspire it.

Most definitely something to muse on…

~ Additional extra:

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