Artist credit: Rhoda Fisher – Wishartworks

I am…

I am all the identity you need…

I am the struggle of my ancestors. The success of the seeds they have sown. In a land that was hard and unyielding, a harvest has come.

I am a culture all my own. The amalgamation of the nations from which I have been birthed.

I am an articulation of the past, present, and future. I carry them within me.

I am joy that has overcome sorrow. My pain will not define me, but I will not deny it’s part in my story.

I am the reflection in your eyes. Filtered by the features you fancy, mislabelled by the features you don’t.

Your miseducation of my history, solicits silence to my story. I will not be silent.

I am a living canvas. Painted on throughout the ages. Trace my lines. Discover my brushstrokes. Pay attention to my texture. Consider the contrast of light and dark.

I am artistry. Lending my colour to the world’s tapestry.

I am relevant. A defining presence in our changing world.

I am here. Occupying fully the space I am in. Running the race for others. Forging a path for the generations to come.

I am my own voice. Needing no-one to speak for me.

I am, I am all the identity you need…

I am… I am ME.

Written by J Whyne, conceptualised by Rhoda Fisher – Wishartworks.

  • Visit Rhoda’s website, for more pieces around the theme I Am. – “A self exploration and historical study into women of colour, who side-stepped marginalisation to impact the world.”
  • For those who prefer audio, uploaded to soundcloud for your listening pleasure.