After listening to a 6 minute voice note from myself, my cousin responded:

Thank you Jan… you should start podcasts.

Cousin Rhoda aka @wishartworks_| 28 May 2021

He he. It was that suggestion/question by a friend that eventually led to the Thursday Thought beginning.

Me @jjsmuse | 28 May 2021

Interestingly, I had actually been thinking of suggesting we should do an IG Live—podcast, IG live, same difference, right—so this seemed like the Extra Ashley Perception (EAP) was in operating in full effect.

This was basically all it took to initiate Creative Cousins Arts.

Next Steps

We began planning in earnest on Thursday 10 June 2021. Our first promo posts were uploaded on Sunday 12 June 2021. We went live on Thursday 24 June 2021.

So in a little less than 4 weeks:

1 voice note + 2 replies x 1 shared suggestion = a new venture.

Is there a new venture you’d like to try?

Now yes, my cousin and I have a lasting relationship and deep connection; we often talk about our creative ideas and lives; we’ve collaborated before etc. So this definitely aided in us being able to push forward with this quickly. However, the essential ingredients of:

  • 2 (or more) likeminded people
  • someone willing to propose an idea
  • the courage to give it a go,

can also happen with people with whom such an existing relationship is yet to be developed.

So if there is some new venture, or new thing you’ve been thinking of, why don’t you have ago? Or at least take a first step and share your idea with some. I look forward to seeing what you do.

If you’re interested in finding out what Creative Cousins will do next, feel free to follow us on IG or Facebook, and if you’d like to watch the IG Live, here you go (also available on our FB page):