So, I watched a comedy clip by this guy Michael Jr. recently. It had me laughing hard! So when I saw someone post another clip of his (the above), I thought I’d check it out. This clip was a totally different vibe, and in my opinion, powerful.

Being as I have on this earth for the last 40+ years, I’d like to think I should by now know my ‘why?’ But in all honesty, I have in recent years questioned what my true passion, my key motivator, my core reason for being is. I have yet to come up with a satisfactory answer.

Being a person who has a way with words, if you ask me:

“What do you love to do?”

What are you passionate about?”

“What brings you joy?” etc.

I could most likely present you with a very convincing, heartfelt, and pleasing to the ear answer.

However, if the answer(s) I articulated were fully true, I have to wonder why—if I do a review of my life (yup, getting a bit deep here)—what I have achieved, been a part of, contributed to, never feels fully done. Never seems to have really hit the mark or felt like I was in my groove.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not lying with my answers, there just seems to be a misconnect.

That’s why I found Michael Jr.’s point and live illustration powerful. It made me wonder if the not knowing my ‘why‘ is the articulation of what I have been wondering and questioning. Cos, as he implies, many of us know, or start with our ‘what’. I could definitely tell you about the ‘what’ in my life, and there are some who seem to think it’s a lot/impressive.

In contrast, I wrestle with the ever present dissatisfaction with it and my belief in seeking to be thankful, and celebrating the small things.

So, is that the answer? The need to ‘know my why’.

Or do I just need to put more grit, effort and discipline into what I am doing? Or both?