As I opened up facebook earlier, this was the memory that greeted me. I remembered the image, although not the specific day.

Jakarta, 21 September 2013 (zoom in)

The simplest things…

was the caption. I was struck by how poignant and powerful a message this could be for some of us right now.

This little girl, stood on a discarded mattress, by the side of a busy railway, enjoying playing with juggling balls. I don’t think additional narrative is needed, as the picture audibly speaks for itself.

Anyone who has dipped into my writings or read/heard a piece like Permission Granted, will know that I do not subscribe to us always having to put on a happy face. I also feel that comparison can be very unhelpful. As one cannot do a like for like or one lens fits all with a child in Jakarta and a child here.

However, I believe we can be encouraged by this girl’s innocent (oblivious to a certain extent) pleasure, to remember to keep our eyes and ourselves open to the joy that may be found in the simplest of things and moments.

It’s actually just hit me while writing, that that’s probably what happened when I saw this sight.

So in the midst of these challenging and discombobulating times, try not to miss the simplest things that may add a touch of pleasure to the mix.