I have the blessing of doing life with a number of people. I have previously shared here about my army, my tribe. Those people with whom you navigate the everyday things of life, the simple and the complex things of life, the highs and lows… If you know, you know.

Today I had the privilege of standing with one of my army, my cousin Steph, as she set out to meet one of a few goals she has set for herself.

I wanted to celebrate her, and asked if I could do a post about it -she is a major no social media girl- and then upgraded my request to her doing a guest post. She was kind enough to oblige, so here you go…

I set out on achieving a goal per quarter this year. This is the ending of my first goal. I was very unfit at the beginning of the year and wanted to be able to run a 5K.

There is something so great about seeing the results of hard work. One foot in front of the other, has now become my mantra with whatever I do in life. So far, its working for me. ~ Steph G, Brighton Run 2 Music 5K, May 2019

It is definitely working for her. She took today in her stride, and the pure joy of her “we did it!” and the accompanying smile that illuminated her face, said more than a 1,000 words could say.

One down, three to go. Steph’s set her mind on what she wants to achieve, and I’ve no doubt she will do it. What could you set your mind on?