” I don’t like pigeons that fly”

This was a comment from my friend that had me laughing away. It made no sense to me!

She went on to clarify that as long as they weren’t flying around, she was fine with them. Once they take flight though, she will look for the quickest escape route, ‘ducking ‘n’ diving’ and maybe hollering. Either way, you’ll know about it 🙂

I don’t think she’ll be joining the Save Trafalgar Square Pigeons campaign anytime soon!

I kid you not. I thought I’d do a search for something on pigeons and this was result no.4 in my everyclick search. There is also a Wikpedia reference for them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Save_the_Trafalgar_Square_Pigeons

Alongside my wonder at the existence of the group, some of the references to the pigeons of Trafalgar Square being starved to death, and the licensed feed seller: Bernie Rayner, (whose family sold birdseed in the square from 1948) no longer permitted to sell feed,  had me pondering the matter further than I would have thought was merited.

Other strangely interesting finds:

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