Arrived in Wales at 1am this morning. – Nothing unusual there, we always tend to travel at those mad hours in the morning. What was unusual was that there wasn’t the usual struggle to keep awake, no need to sing road signs 🙂 and whatever else to ensure arriving in one piece!

So why make this mad trip?

Ans: A simple request for some singing sessions, followed by the question “do you have a showreel?”*, began a chain of events which started as a plan to do a simple recording at my brother’s and has become an ‘out of orbit’ plan to record 5 tracks of varying styles, with lead and backing vocals, drums, bass, keys, guitar and whatever else is inspired along the way, ready to take home early – first thing early – Friday morning!!!! – Whatever happened to pressing record on a tape recorder and if you had a mic you felt stush 🙂

Before heading for bed, we had a look at the studiop4142960, it’s looking good.  Bishop’s guitars are looking impressive on the walls, the desk looks ‘da business’ without being pretentious, p4152989and the vocal booth looks inviting. – I haven’t recorded vocals for a long time, so I hope I settle into my new home really quickly. ‘One take wonders all the way!’…

Tiredness began to set in, so instead of going to sleep, I started trying to figure out a 2nd verse for one of the songs. Needless to say, I fell asleep somewhere along the line, until awoken by birds chirping crazily outside my window at 5.34am.I couldn’t believe the sound of them. So loud and so many, definitely haven’t heard that in a long time and most definitely haven’t heard that in the city.  After my initial wonder, I really wanted them to pipe down! Umm, maybe they had a 2nd verse LOL.

Well it’s now 7.32am and I am well and truly up, so I have to get on with that 2nd verse and get ready for this day. – No hours to waste! I also have to hope and pray, this blocked nose feeling is going to go away!

I’ll update on progress tonight, and look out for some samples of the finished work come Friday…

*Here’s a link to some information on creating a showreel/music demo.

Also, tips, blog posts and more about developing as an artist: