It’s 12.55am Friday morning, the noisy birds are chirping and Bishop and my brother are tweaking some of the tracks and recording guitar, so I’m  lester-focal-bw1taking a moment out to catch up with the world outside the vocal booth!!! I have also had something to eat as my cereal and toast breakfast was at 10am yesterday morning.


I didn’t think we’d be able to do all the tracks and suggested we drop one of them. But, my brother – who at around 3am Thursday morning went to bed for the first time since waking up Tuesday morning- was adamant that we should stick to the plan.

His determination (pigheadedness) has reaped rewards. All the tracks are now done vocal wise, two have almost full instrumentation, and according to some friends who dropped by – it’s all sounding very nice.

I must say that these past 2/3 days have been challenging, sometimes frustrating, and confirmed that I definitely prefer live gigs to studio work, but I am feeling very rewarded by the experience. I am also excited to see what may happen next as I step out once again into the world of music, session singing and explore seriously my song writing.

It’s amazing what a chain of events a simple question can lead to.