“Phase 1 Complete” was the words of the text my brother sent me at some random hour Monday am. This meant that the mixing had been done and the 5 tracks were ‘good to go’.

He then texted me Thursday to say he would drop off a CD and I waited in a mixture of fear and anticipation as I wondered what it would sound like.

Well, as I blog this I am listening to the track “Turn Your Eyes”, and I can truly say I am pleased with what we have done.

It’s all about getting it into the hands of somebody now, and at least one somebody is saying he’ll be giving them away like hotcakes :-) so watch this space.

As a sidenote, the cold type whatever it was that wanted to land on me on our first day of recording, seems to have now taken hold. – Not impressed, but thankful that it was kept at bay so we could do what we had to do.