The word that was on my mind this afternoon. Courtesy of a few unplanned – random happenings while out and about today.

A glimpse of said happenings – from IG Grid.

It all, unknowingly, began with a Thought for the Day I saw at the tube station. It read,

Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself.

Mark A. Cooper (seen @mordernstation)

I had both an ‘ooo’ and slight ‘ow’ reaction to it. I definitely feel it is a muse worthy thought. One that could probably be seen and taken from multiple directions. E.g. in life it isn’t as simple as switching channels when you see something you don’t like.

I think what I may subconsciously have internalised from it, was that directive that I/you/we will have to be the one to change ‘it’ or things.

Just over an hour later I was sitting in a Lebanese spot that I happened upon last Friday. There I was enjoying munching on my wrap and reading a book about empowerment, when the music that had previously pleasantly been serenading my eardrums suddenly accosted them with its volume.

I and the other two patrons were stunned, and all our eyes were affixed on the employee who was desperately trying to address the situation. With a remote at that! – A very uncooperative remote.

And do know what I eventually did? I should really leave you to find out in the Friday Thought (yes, Friday this week not Thursday) that came next.

Oh alright, I did a little dance. Not on the table or nowt, just a little jig in my seat.

Relevance? I thought to myself, what do you do when the volume of the music has gone crazy? Keep staring (and laughing) at the employee whilst slowly becoming a tad impatient or have a dance break? I believe dance breaks are good for the soul, so that’s what I chose.

I had a choice to view and respond to the situation one way, and then chose to change or innovate and respond to it in a different way. I was enjoying myself so much that I was actually a bit disappointed when the employee finally managed to shut off the music!

One other happening today -which occurred between the the two above- was another sign that caught my eye, and made me stop.

Cocktails before Curfew | Happy Hour Monday – Friday 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Green Room London

Here was a London business making the most of the 10pm closure rule. That’s the moment the word innovate consciously came to mind.

Innovate: mid 16th century: from Latin innovat- ‘renewed, altered’, from the verb innovare, from in- ‘into’ + novare ‘make new’ (from novus ‘new’)

Oxford Languages via google search

With the latest round of restriction changes in certain parts of the country, businesses are particularly in the forefront of the news this week.

I cannot categorically say that this cocktail hour is a new thing. However, I have passed this venue a few times in recent weeks (including last Friday) and this is the first I’ve seen the sign. Their clever word choice indicates that it is at least a new inception or spin on something. In line with and inspired by our changing times.

Hence, all these things combined, have the word innovate on my mind.

Maybe, it’s now also on yours.


*Optional extra: All the above prompted a Friday Thought. You can view it on Instagram or Facebook, your choice.