south-bank-millenium-wheel by JJI discovered the South Bank when I took up running a few years ago. Until then I never really appreciated what it was like, what it had to offer, and in reality, probably where it actually was. If I’m honest, I probably still don’t know officially what is classed as the South Bank, but for me, it is from the London Eye down to the bridge/underpass which takes you to the Tate Modern.

This is such a great walk at whatever time.

I knew about the London Eye, the London Acquarium, County Hall etc, but probably would have seen them as independant entities which occupy the same space.

It has been great to discover the ‘nooks and cranies’ it has has to offer: The skate board/bike space just after the National Theatre, the art displays sometimes outside the National Theatre, the street artists, from dancers to human statues, the little cul-de-sac of shops just before the Oxo Tower, the free art in the gallery along that walkway, the different stalls and festivals that happen – always a pleasant surprise as I hardly ever know beforehand that they are happening! All this is just the tip of the ‘iceberg’.

Just the diversity of people you will see milling about, enjoying a meal, or trying to weave through each other if you are a runner or cyclist 🙂 are enough of a draw, especially if you are a people watcher.

I also find that the South Bank is a great place for inspiration. So if you’re creative in anyway: a writer, photographer, musician, artist etc you are guaranteed to find something that will get the ‘creative juices’ flowing and cater to the right side of your brain.

So why not take a stroll along there. I am certain you won’t be disappointed.