So, after getting my gripe off my chest, I got a bit of perspective.

At the terminal I was flying from, all mandatory screening happened at the departure gate, not pre-immigration. Some airports have screening as you enter the airport. Others have the main screening before you go through immigration -this being my primary experience- and I’m sure there are many other variations.

I don’t know about you, but once I’m through immigration, psychologically speaking I feel like “I’m through”. I relax a little. If my carry-on was a tincy-wincy overweight, I give thanks that it wasn’t weighed/no one was fussed about it. Loo stop, refill/fill my tumbler with water, then I turn my focus towards where I’m gonna enjoy my pre-flight coffee and pause.

In my brain, the most -security checks wise- I still need to do is make sure my passport and boarding pass are safe and easily accessible. I’m not expecting another rigmarole, nor having to choke down my water and then show the security lady my empty (bar a slice of lemon) tumbler.

But… if I’d really been paying attention, and also more awake, I would have known a security check would be coming. In fact, when I check it, I really have no excuse, as I routinely fly in and out of the airport I was at.

So to gripe or not to gripe? Well, that is not the question cos I already did! 🙂

But is there anything of substance to glean from this? Yeah. Drink your water before you get to the departure gate! Soz, that’s all I got!