So this week’s #ThursdayThought is prompted by conversations I have been having with different people with regards to this current time we find ourselves in because of covid-19.

I feel that trying to cultivate the habit of finding the joy, or gift, point of thankfulness is not just for such unprecedented times. I think it is a literal muscle that needs working on and building up over time, which can then potentially sustain us, or be that bit easier to lean on in the worst of times.

Wherever it May Be Found

Finding the joy doesn’t necessarily mean having to find it in yourself, or your own circumstances. As the cold reality is, that sometimes one’s personal circumstances -in a given time- could truly have no joy in them.

At such times you might have to borrow, or find strength in the joy of others. If that is your situation, I hope you have some others (a tribe) who will share there joy with you.

Mourn with Those Who Mourn

I share this thought in the awareness hat there are people in the world suffering and mourning right now, and I very much believe in the instruction in Romans 12:15 that we should …mourn with those who mourn..

So in my encouragement to find the Joy, I am also standing with those who are feeling the losses.

If there is something in what I’ve shared that is for you, please take it, share it. If it’s not where you are right now, I get that.

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