So August was mostly an unplugged month for me. I took some time off. Disconnected from most things work related. Enjoyed both me time and extended family time.

I intentionally kept my diary clear and bar personal rest and refreshing, the only other thing on my agenda was to make a number of submissions to poetry competitions. I had been bookmarking ’open calls’ that had been posted online during the preceding months, and had made up my mind to put myself and my poetry out there. And why not?

Why not?:

  • Take a chance on myself and my creativity
  • Stretch myself by writing new pieces, writing to theme, refining previous pieces
  • Feel the fear and do it anyeay
  • Etc.

One submission is part of an online exhibition called Bua! that launched today. An open call that wasn’t even on my original list, but was sent to me by a cousin just a few days before the deadline. I’d said if I completed the submission for a competition on my original list and still had time I’d see what I could do. It was submitted at 23:58; two minutes before the ‘midnight deadline.

Sometimes, instead of thinking about all the reasons why we can’t do something, we should ask ourselves or even just state “why not.”