100 push-ups a day  | Day One Update

In case you missed it, I decided to do a thing. Questioning my choice, but I’m committed now!

Here is your day one* update of my 100 push-ups a day challenge.

Drum roll please…

I managed 120 today.

They were mostly knee push-ups, as I don’t currently have the upper body strength for strict/traditional full version push-ups I know this because I did try a few and they were hard!

I’m sure you’ll agree that with any new endeavour we have to start with what we can do, where we are at, what we ‘have in our hand’/at our disposal etc. and progress from there.

I will be posting regular updates on my socials and YouTube, so if you are following me/subscribed, you’ll be able to track my progress.

Any support you can give is appreciated:

  • Donate via the QR code or link
  • Spread the news
  • Sign-up yourself
  • Or maybe add a few push-ups to your day (start with 5) and let me know how you get on.

Thank you in advance!

I’ll leave you with this Day one BTS video. You’ll get a glimpse of how much I wasn’t luvin it!

*At the time of posting it is actually day four and I have managed to complete all my push-ups to date.