100 Push-ups a Day Cancer Research Challenge (April 2024)

Just thought I’d share an update about this challenge that I fass up myself and signed up for!

Although I haven’t been posting daily (requires too much time), I haven’t missed a day of this challenge. Even while on holiday or post a long day out.

If you’d like a smile, watch this.

Preferred Push-up

I’ve been primarily doing elevated/incline push-ups—using the kitchen worktop—with the odd classic/standard push-up struggled through here and there.

I did start out doing knee push-ups, but after reading a Men’s Health article (2022) which suggested people should stop doing them, elevated push-ups became my preference.

Even though elevated push-ups are easier than standard ones, they are still challenging.

On some days I have increased that challenge by using the penultimate step of the staircase. Meaning my body is almost in the position it would be during a classic push-up.

An alternative to this,  and an in-between progression, is to use the bed. Although if doing this method, a flat solid surface should be placed on top of the bed

Still got time

I’d really like to reach my goal of £200 and as you’ll see, we’re not quite there yet!

However, I still have a few more days and (at the time of posting) 900 more push-ups to do so. If you’re able to donate, whatever the amount, here’s the link.

Thank you in advance! Thank you also to those who have already donated.

What about you?

Have you added any push-ups to your day or thought about doing so?

If you have or you are, let me know. Remember, most things start with one.

You can check out some of the variations here. I’d also recommend doing some exploration into the correct ways to do them and which variation might best suit your current fitness and ability.