As we head into another week, let’s consider these words, by an unknown writer,

Spread your cheerful moment

The peanut butter jar

Marketing pun though it may be, it is also a useful life hack, and principal to consider.

Each new day, much less week, can potentially bring us more than our daily average of unhelpful happenings, worry, trouble, and the such like.

Both seeking to see the cheerful moments, and allowing yourself a moment to savour them, can be enough to inject a little more light into one’s day, and spirit.

Finding an opportunity to spread some of that cheer, is both a service and kindness to someone else. Someone, who may also need a little more light injected into their day.

To spread a little joy, doesn’t have to require much on our part. A simple smile, remembering to say “thank you”, holding the door open for someone, giving up your sit, a quick “just saying hey” message, can be sufficient. If you’re up for doing more, and have the means and opportunity to do so, brilliant.

The main thing, is to do something. From the cheerful you have, try and give a little to someone else.

In the wise sayings, known as Proverbs, it says.

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

Proverbs chp. 17, verse 22

Words that can be taken, both as a ‘message to self’, and, motivation for sharing the moment with another.

Here endeth today’s peanut butter sermon, may it be of benefit to body, mind, and soul 🙂