So yesterday, one of my cousins sent me a whatsapp saying, that after reading make joy happen, she decided to try and do it at work that day. However, in her own words,

Alas it was NOT to be 😆

On her way home, she was reflecting on it/the not it. Around the same time, she helped a lady on the bus figure out where she was going. Said lady’s response to my cousin’s help,

Well that’s your good deed for the day.

Both of us agreed we’d take that as a bit of joy making! As “every mickle mek a muckle.*

After reflecting a little on what my cousin shared, I decided to send her a follow-up voice note. While doing so, the following video came to mind. A friend sent it to me back in April as encouragement (thanks again friend!). Last night, I sensed it might be of encouragement to my cousin. Watch it (less than 3 mins) and see what you think.

Bill Hart attributes these ‘shoulder taps’ to God. You might call it a sense or feeling, others talk about ‘the universe’, some might say, “yu just cross mi mind.” I sometimes call it a nudge…

Whichever way, I think we probably all have those times when the idea to call or message someone; do something for someone; say something to someone occurs. Sometimes, like Bill, finding out that it was a timely act for the person or persons involved. So maybe next time such an idea occurs, it’s worth giving it a little extra consideration. As you never know what might happen.

*This phrase is also attributed to have Scottish origins.

~Optional extra:

“Shoulder Taps” (the rest of the story)