In Stuff #1 we left off here,

What, or who even, might you need to remove from your life?

Past failures, fears, scars, hurts, are examples of stuff that we me may need to ‘chuck’.

As said elsewhere in this blog, we are works-in-progress. So this may not be a quick and easy-to-do thing for some of us. Sorting through the old stuff, whether literal or emotional, can take a lot of work. We are wonderfully complex people, living in a wonderfully complex, and also challenging, messy world. Lasting change takes time. The good news, small changes can be made and should be celebrated along the way.

Having said all this, not everything has to be chucked. The 3 Cs makes that clear. Even though I said earlier that the thing that you’ve been holding unto for years probably won’t come in handy, there are exceptions. Sometimes, things in our stored away possession are actually the answer/solution to a situation we or somebody else is in.

There’s a Bible story I remember from childhood that illustrates this. The widow with a jar of oil. In case you don’t know it or are vague on the details, here’s a summary. Following the death of her husband, a woman is left with debts she cannot pay. The debt collector demands her 2 children as payment. This woman goes to a man Elisha, who her husband used to know, looking for help. The following conversation ensues,

Elisha: What is it that you want me to do? Do you have anything of worth in your house?

Woman: I don’t really have much of anything. The only thing I have in my house that might be of any worth is a jar of oil.

Elisha: Borrow as many large empty containers as you can. Ask neighbors for anything they can give to you. Be sure to collect a lot of them. Then enclose yourself in a room with only you and your sons. Pour oil into as many of the containers as you can. Set aside the full ones. (2 Kings 4:1-7  )

The widow follows the advice, the oil gets sold, the debts paid, and there’s money left.

Sometimes buried away amoung our stuff is something ‘of worth’. Forgotten good stuff. Unused goods, gifts, or even skills/talents. Are there precious parts of ourselves, gifts etc. either lying dormant or yet still to be unwrapped/discovered.

A final word on change. Significant, lasting change is not solely a solitary activity. We need the input, learnt wisdom, and support of others. However, the challenge still remains for me to do my part. To take responsibility for putting into action the change I want to see or achieve. Part of me taking responsibility could be telling some close friends about the stuff that needs to be sorted. Asking them for help. Giving them permission to keep me accountable. Telling them to bring over an empty container or two. Plus some motivational food fuel to keep us going : )