This is an idea that a friend shared with me recently. It is an idea that she heard from another woman, and one she has used successfully, as she prepares to head to the States to live.

We’ve probably all heard a plethora of ideas or strategies for how to de-clutter our homes, offices, rooms, wardrobes!

‘If you haven’t used it in 6 months…”If you haven’t used it in a year…’ and they go on.

The purpose of such formulaic ways of  organising? (Ummm, querying my use of the word formulaic, I don’t mean it negatively)

The answer I would say, and the common factor – whatever strategy you decide to use – is that they provide a way to let go of the old, in order to make space for the new. – Something which can be easier for some of us than others.

‘Stuff’ is hardly ever just ‘stuff’. The things that fill our homes, offices, cars, wardrobes etc often have history attached to them, memories that we want to cherish, goals we are determined somehow to achieve, mementoes of success or markers  in this journey of life, happy thoughts of a slimmer you,  and sometimes even give us a sense of security.

But can they also hold us back? Keep us from moving forward? Be like excess baggage that we have to pay for? Very possibly yes.

My reason for currently trying to use the Chuck, Cherish, Charity method is that I am due to leave the country for 4 years in a matter of months, and with such a significant change coming, I have to think seriously about what I really need to hold unto, and what I need to let go.

I have been shocked to find paperwork from meetings I attended 10 plus years ago, have shed a few tears on the discovery of some things, and laughed at my musing over  whether I will want to wear certain clothes in 4 years time! It is not an easy process, as I think though I hanker for having a minimalistic life style, I think there is a secret hoarder in there, and I’ve recently  hit a bit of a wall with the whole process, but I have to snap out of it, cos time is running out!

So is it time you tried the 3 Cs for yourself? If it is, and you do, let me know how you get on! Alternatively, if you know of other strategies, I’d be interested in those too! (If you want more info on the 3 Cs, click here)