Today’s post is inspired by a post of my artist cousin, and creative partner on the I Am piece, Rhoda. Check her post ‘A Creative Writing Workshop’

The given creative task, and yours, if you choose to accept it,

…to write about an object for 10 minutes. A creative description of an object and share in pairs.

Reading Rhoda’s post interjected some writing inspiration into my day. So here’s mine…

My powebank, at least that is what we call them in Indonesia. The first place I saw them over 5 years ago; way before they seemed to be on the radar of people in the UK.

Small and compact, neatly encased in a stylish pouch, your blue light just about discernible. Indicating, that although you have already given out a lot, you still have juice left in you. Still have something to give. Still have power to impart.

You are an energy source for other things. Fulfilling your potential, by giving of what you have; in order for other things to fulfil theirs.

Reenergising low, empty, and dead things. Sometimes just bridging the gap, sometimes bringing them back to full strength.

You are a source of connectivity, always on the move. You don’t take up much room, easily fitting in wherever you are placed. You can actually go unnoticed, but if forgotten in the rush, your absence will be felt. Possibly not immediately, but most definitely eventually.

As the demands on those things that benefit from your energy source, –in our always ‘on’, app filled world- will mean that they will need to draw on you at some point. If not daily, most definitely weekly.

You are impartial in your impartation. Having the capacity to provide sustenance for a variety of things. As long as those who wish to draw on you, come ready to connect, you are ready to impart. You do your part to be charge ready, the rest is up to them.

Then when you have emptied yourself, given all you have to give, you connect to your power source. Needing time to recharge and refuel. All so you can give again.