Friday night saw me enjoying the long missed joys of singing live, and with a choir.

In a blessed gift of timing, I was around for IDMC’s 25th Anniversary celebration. My cousin John, the choir’s director, wanted to have both a reunion choir, and the current choir doing a set on the night. Venue, the famed Hideaway.

I was one of 3 originals who sang at the choir’s inaugural concert (and live recording) 25 years ago, and got the privilege to sing at this inaugural gig to kick off of the choir’s 25th year, and celebrations.

With my current overseas ‘gig’, I don’t currently have opportunities to really sing or be part of a group. I have not had to work my vocals like I did during the 2 (yes, just 2) practices, and then the gig on Friday, for years!

Even so, it was like coming ‘home’. I was back in da groove, as if I’d never been away from it. The altos (#altos for life!), we’re holding it down, as well as “taking lyrics out of each other’s mouth“, sopranos were reaching some notes I was glad I didn’t have to reach, and the tenors were showing they meant business. It was a rage! The venue was sold out, and the crowd were luvin’ it. Especially as they got a double portion. The current IDMC continued to raise the roof, and the praise. It was great to see them in action, and continuing the legacy.

Being part of this night was not only a gift, it was another reminder of how much music and song feed my inner soul. They are pivotal to how I connect, and express. I need to think about how to get more of them into my Asia life, they are too pivotal to continue to do without.

Enjoy the clips, and if you are in the UK, why not check out IDMC, and see if you can get to one of there other gigs.