I woke up at 5am this morning. I felt fresh and alert, and thought I could go for a run, so I did.

The idea for a run had crossed my mind last night, but no fixed plan had been made, and as I already was going to have an early start, I didn’t really think a run would be able to factor into my morning.  So I received my early rising as a gift.

‘Living in the Now’ – the title for this post. Last night I found I had saved this as a post title on the 11th May. Obviously I had had some inspiration at the time, but I couldn’t muster any recollection of what that was. – A moment now lost.

As a writer or indeed artist of any creative description, there is a real validity to living in the now. Writing down those thoughts when they come, recording those song lyrics, sketching out that drawing, taking that photo, pitching your idea to that chief exec…

Living in the Now can also be essential in capturing those moments of quality time with a loved one or a friend. I am all for planning. I am also for making the most of phoning a friend as you’ve finished early, are in the neighbourhood or they just ‘ran across your mind’. I’m sure you can all identify a time when you have capitalised on a moment like this, and the enjoyment that has come.

Look out for those moments today!